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What We Do

Contract Consulting
Radiant provides contract consulting services with qualified specialists and engineers. The contract consulting route is useful for organizations that wish to reduce administrative costs, attract highly specialized short or intermediate term talent, or operate in an Agile manner in its efforts.
Contract To Hire Solutions
Contract to hire is a way for organizations to reduce risks, ensure team fit of a potential team member, or await long-term project funding. Radiant provides innovative contract structures to allow its clients the flexibility they need.
Full Time Placements
Ready to bring on team members? Radiant will utilize its extensive network of professionals, its proven process, and diligent effort to place the most appropriate person with your team.
Project Team Delivery
Technology moves fast. Sometimes you need a full team to catch up or pivot. Radiant builds project teams that are staffed with Senior Leadership to manage and lead projects, working as the liaison to your business and engineers delivering the work.
Tough Requirements Delivered

I had the pleasure of working with Radiant,recently,and had a fantastic experience. Our team was growing quickly, and I called Molly with a tough request with quick    turnaround. I needed two individuals to fill Help Desk roles in St. George, Utah. We needed local talent and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Within a week and a half, we’d identified, interviewed, and onboarded two fantastic individuals. We look forward to working with Molly, and Radiant, in the future.

Chief Technical Officer

Education Company

Our Process

Following a structured and well-defined hiring process is of paramount importance in the modern business landscape. This process ensures that organizations adhere to regulatory compliance, deliver effective results to clients, and treat candidates with fairness and appropriateness.

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of the hiring process. Employment laws and regulations vary widely across regions and industries, and non-compliance can result in significant legal and financial repercussions. By following a standardized hiring process, companies can ensure that they are consistently adhering to all relevant laws, from equal employment opportunity regulations to data privacy standards. This not only protects the organization from legal liabilities but also fosters a reputation of integrity and responsibility, making it an attractive choice for both clients and potential candidates.

By demonstrating a commitment to a thorough and consistent hiring process, Radiant builds strong and lasting relationships with our clients, leading to repeat business and positive referrals.

Equally significant is the appropriateness of the process for the candidates. Job seekers invest considerable effort and time into applying for positions and participating in interviews. A structured hiring process communicates professionalism and respect for candidates' time and efforts.

Treating candidates with fairness and respect promotes a positive reputation and attracts the best talent. Ultimately, an effective and transparent hiring process contributes to the growth and success of an organization in the competitive business landscape.

1. Gather

Gather our Client's requirements and validate details.

2. Consult

Consult our extensive, trusted network of Professionals for potential matches to our Client's needs.

3. Search

If there are no matches within our existing network, we will expand the search to broaden the list of potential candidates.

4. Evaluate

Each Candidate will be vetted to ensure culture and technical appropriateness.

5. Present

Upon vetting and prioritizing candidates, we will efficiently present appropriate Professionals for our Client's review.

6. Onboard

As our Client selects Candidates, we work with the Client and the Candidate to be properly onboarded.

7. Follow Up

As important as any other step in Radiant's process is the follow up step. We periodically follow up with our clients and candidates after placement in order to ensure that the team is running smoothly.

About Us

Radiant Dev is a woman-owned staffing and consulting firm with international reach.

We enjoy over 20 years experience across industries, with a focus on our clients' growth in technology capability and delivery.

Radiant is a technology staffing and software engineering firm that values both experience and innovation. Our Team is a mix of seasoned professionals and emerging thought leaders, bringing unique perspective and diversity to problem-solving.

Our Team puts people first, prioritizing our employees' and consultants' well-being and professional development. Radiant takes its responsibilities seriously and strives to create a positive and inclusive work environment.

We are growing! Work with us to experience unparalleled partnership and alignment with your technical, cultural, and management needs.

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